What is Pseudorealism ?
Rajendra, Editor, Indian Contempoarary Art Journal
In little less than two years time, Devajyoti Ray is again coming up with an exhibition and new body of work executed in a genre which is not exactly realism but appears to be so; Devajyoti is consistently working in this 21st century style, christened as ‘Pseudo-realism’. 
In the 90s, American moviemakers flooded the market with computer-generated graphics for their films; critics called these scenes Pseudo-realistic...a term used to describe something not real yet that makes the realistic impact blatantly.
In the media dominated post globalized scenario, the boundaries between real and pseudo-real seems to be blurred as scoops are passed as facts and facts are camouflaged as fiction. Having said that, Devajyoti’s use of ‘Pseudo-realistic’ imagery itself is a strong metaphor that appears to be more relevant in 21st century India; it is curious why pseudo-realism is yet to take roots in visual art and influence our creative minds. Devajyoti Ray is one of the few artists in the country who is consistently working in this newly founded genre and perhaps only one who is showing such an acute devotion to it.
In Pseudo-realistic stylization, reality is approached through abstraction, contrary to the more common place opposite. But what makes Devajyoti Ray’s work so special is the amalgamation of offbeat colours, simple geometric shapes and often meaningless renderings that together synergies into a smooth comprehensible reality…an outstanding composition! I wish him all the very best!     


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