Balraj Panesar :

Devajyoti Ray's drawings are very strong and his use of colour is very original. I have seen him mature as an artist over time. Very few artists have such orginal thinking.


Praful Dahanukar :

Here is another self taught artist like Husain saab who in course of time is bound to emerge as a major artist with an original style.


His Highness, Dr. Karan Singh :

A fresh new style of art, eloquent and pristine. Devajyoti Ray is a very strong artist and I am thoroughly impressed.


AR Raju :

I think the most original artist among the newer generation of artists in India. His style is truly a reflection of how much Indian artists have transfomed in their interaction with the world outside. Devajyoti Ray is the best among those artists who emerged in the post-liberalization phase of Indian economy.