The Times of India, New Delhi 2006

Blue face of a lady with yellow hands, standing amidst black flowers with green sky. Such are the imaginations of young artist Devajyoti Ray, holding his solo exhibition of twenty-two paintings at Lalit Kala Academy........Devajyoti Ray is self taught but had been painting since 1993. His new style of works is dubbed as Pseudorealistic, where reality is approached through abstarct concepts, simple geometric shapes and off beat colours.


The Statesman, New Delhi  2006

Devajyoti Ray is a talented young visual artist hailing from Bangalore. His recent show at Lalit Kala Academy had been an exhibition of colours and a celebration of life. Devajyoti Ray paints in an unique style where he uses offbeat colours and shapes to depict comprehendible realistic scenes. ...........that the artist is one of the most talented artists of our times, is generally understandable. He is to emerge one day as a major artist painting from India.


The Pioneer, New Delhi 2006

an immensely talented new artist....Devajyoti ray's works are a treat to the eyes....