The Week 2008
Fresh art on the block
Bidisha Ghosal

 .....Devajyoti Ray who ....brought a fresh perspective to the art scene.

Treading away from the beaten track works well for Bengali artist Devajyoti Ray, too. his technique of 'pseudo-realism' demands an intuitive mastery over form and colour, and he excels in it. He had trained under veteran artist BR panesar but discovered his niche through his own experiments.
The untitled collection of Ray showcases ordinary scenes from everyday life : an intense goodbye through rolled-up car window, a man practicing the sitar, a young woman.....
By throwing together an array of incompatible colours and making the combination click, Ray lifts everyday life out of the mundane and turns it into something you would take a second look at.




Every Tuesday, Mumbai, 2008

This June, at Jehangir, Mumbai one witnessed a very unique show of an young artist who has earned accolades from around the world but had never exhibited his paintings in Mumbai. Devajyoti Ray is now known in the art world as perhaps the most original artist among the new generation of artists. Ray's new style of Pseudorealism has been written about in Walsh Journal and have been discussed in various internatinal fora......



The Asian Age, Mumbai 2008

.......the artist Devajyoti Ray, who is known for inventing the new style of Pseudorealism is now showcasing his works.........Ray is immensely talented, and technically a sound artist...The show was inaugurated by Vishwas Yende, the man who has recently come to news.....